Amy and the gang at 24 Everit Street
2nd Sunday concert 2017

Amy and the gang at 24 Everit Street
2nd Sunday concert 2017

Amy and the gang at 24 Everit
2nd Sunday concert 2017

photo by Marla Singleton
JD, Amy, Rog, Eric
Strawberry Park

photo by David Malloy
AGSW at Haddam Neck Fair

photo by Clyde Proch

Kimber Ludiker, Greg Cahill, Eric, Amy, and Roger,
at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival

photo by Larry Hoyt

Syracuse NY

photo by Susan Forbes Hansen
Amy & Rani Arbo of Daisy Mayhem cuttin' up at our
summer pickin' 'n BBQ

photo by Marla Singleton
Joe Val Bluegrass Festival

JD & Eric hangin' out on bluegrass night at
the world famous Cantab Lounge,
Cambridge, MA

Amy singing a duet with Corey Zink

Andy Hall, Roger, and Mike Auldridge
at the IBMA convention

...oh the flame in my heart...
Roger & Amy at Hicks Stearns
Museum concert

Photo by Larry Bilansky

Roger singing "Wanderlust", an original tune,
at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival

Photo by Denise Jernigan

Roger and Mom at Hartland Hollow
Bluegrass Festival.
R.I.P. Gerry Lee..

Roger with Andy Hall
IBMA Awards Show 2008

Photo by Ted Lehmann

Amy at Strawberry Park
Bluegrass Festival

Amy hard at work in her office!

Roger working through Amy's 'to-do' list

Eric preparing for the next gig

Amy, Roger, and JD enjoying a little
R & R on the bike trail

Roger engineering during his and JD's
'Williams Squared' project

Dave Dick lending his talents to
'Williams Squared' project

AGSW on the road again...

Amy's Grandmother...
Myrtie Inez Rounsevall

Pickin' on the porch.
Haughton, Louisiana

Wrangling in the herd

Big Sky, MT
July 1988



Amy's former house
(A yurt in a peaceful grove)

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Stanley, Idaho 1991-93

Amy & her horse Joker

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Stanley, Idaho - 1991


Amy & her horse Joker

Salmon River
Stanley, Idaho - 1991


Amy & her dog Jade...
Looking straight down from the pass.

Twin Lakes
Idaho - 1992

With trusty guide, Ken W.

Sheep Lake
Montana - 1999

Riding in the early morning light.

Trail to Sheep Lake
Montana - 1999

Saddle Time

Trailhead at Middle Fork
Montana - 1999

Amy's favorite portaging method...

Madison River
Montana - 1999

Cruising the Madison.

Madison River
Montana - 1999

Click on photo and find
Mr. Stingray & Mr. Moray Eel..

Whoops--this isn't Montana!
Grand Cayman - 2002

"Musician's Speed Contest" at
IBMA Fan Fest 1998

(R-L: Pam Gadd, Amy,
and Peter Wernick -
(Kim Fox was the winner)
Louisville, KY - 1998

Amy and buddy Jack Jolie of Grassroots at
Winterhawk Festival, 1996


Amy being bad with
Mary Jo & Charlie Leet
Dry Branch Fire Squad

Strawberry Park / Preston, CT
June 2000


Amy floating between gigs...
courtesy of our overnight hosts,
The Parrot Family.

Stoddard, NH - August 2001
Photo: Ted Parrot



Riding elephants in Thailand - not quite the same
as a horse!

March 2004

Palau, Micronesia

February 2004


A Dutch custom...
flowers after the show

Big Bear Festival
Zuidlaren, The Netherlands - 1998


Amy with Rienk Janssen of
Strictly Country Records(SCR)...
handing over the Guilders!

SCR dinner after the festival
The Netherlands - 1998


European tour 1998

San Marco Square
Venice, Italy

European tour, 1998
Posted on the village wall!

Chur, Switzerland - 1998


Amy and friend
Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Photo by "Captain" John Lunsford
March 2004

Amy with 'La Dona Rosa'
on the open terrace of her hacienda.

Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Christmas 2000

May 2001

Amy tweaking the sound...

Masters of Media Studios
Hoevelaken, The Netherlands
It's a wrap!

Audio Technician at MMS
Cyriel Van Kappel,
Amy & Pieter Groenveld

Noppet Hill BG Festival
Amy & Peggy Harvey
snorkeling on the bus.

Lanesboro, MA - July 2001
Photo: Lorraine Lynch




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