Live in Europe   
July 2001

..There is nothing fancy here, no overdubs, no complex computer mixes.
Just live music recorded masterfully.

Cover photo: Art Durity

Live in Europe, recorded in The Netherlands, is Amy's first live concert release. This project contains material recorded during tours of Europe in 1996 & 1998, including selections from the European World of Bluegrass Convention and the Big Bear Festival in Holland. In the few years since, there have been changes in band personnel and, of course, the song repertoire has grown. Amy says,     ...Although there have been changes, those earlier years are still very much a part of who I am, musically and personally. Having the opportunity to tour Europe was -- and still is -- a dream come true for me, light years away from singing on the porch of the Idaho Rocky Mt. Ranch watching the sun go down behind the Sawtooth Range, or riding up to my gig at the Lone Mt. Ranch North Fork Cabin in the horse-drawn sleighs in the bitter cold of a Montana January night. This album is for those of you -- on both sides of the Big Pond -- who have supported us through the years with your incredible enthusiasm and "positivity". And for those of you who have asked me to record a song with yodeling, there's a couple in here for you too.

    For those of you who have yet to see or hear AG&S, we look forward to meeting you at a show. Until then, we hope you'll enjoy the energy in these concert recordings.

-- Amy Gallatin

"Live in Europe
is a wonderful, joyous recording. I couldn't bear to do it the disservice of trying to listen and work at the same time. I'm going to drive home with it on loud where I can enjoy it with my full auditory attention...it's super; the kind of thing that is fresh and exciting enough to make me want to keep pickin', and spinning 'em on Saturday mornings!"

Joe Wills / ZIP 88.9 FM
New Jersey, Burlington County Bluegrass Show


"A super album of well-chosen material, all put over really well, with beautiful crystal clear heartfelt singing plus top class high quality bluegrass music including great Dobro licks...a thoroughly appealing album..."

Graham Hassall / Radio Nightingale
Rotherham, England


Amy Gallatin-- Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Lynch -- Lead Guitar, Mandolin / Vocals
Matt Nozzolio -- Dobro, Vocals  [* Lead Vocal on #11]
Tom Bowman -- String Bass

  Steve Brechter -- Banjo
  Johannes Bodingius -- String Bass (cuts #3, 11)


Song List:

1 - Blue Yodel #4 (California Blues)
2 -
Loving You
3 - Words At 20 Paces
4 - -band introduction-
5 -
Where The Old Red River Flows
6 - Back Home Again
7 - This House Of Memories
8 - Useful Girl
9 - Pete's Lovesick Blues
10 -
1000 Miles
11 -
Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia
12 - Monroe-esqu (instrumental)
13 - Rancher's Lullaby
14 - I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart

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